Hair streamers are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty market for the marked difference they make in an individual’s hair over a relatively short period of time. A hair streamer is an electro-mechanical tool that is equipped to blow hot hair over moist hair leading to the quick evaporation of particles of water from the hair, consequently drying the hair. The whole method makes way for increased control over how the hair takes its shape and style in contrast to the usual oil treatments and such protocols.

This device is quite capable of adding moisture, restoring the hairs natural hues and increasing the elasticity of hair. What the hair streamer basically does is that it lifts the cuticle around the hair shaft by making use of water and heat. This process allows for conditioners and products to better seep into each strand and thus act on the hair more effectively. Since the hair streamer makes use of moist heat, the tool works well in increasing the blood circulation of the scalp which accounts for healthier hair.

There are essentially two basic types of hair steamers that are currently in the market: hooded and handheld. The hooded hair streamer constitutes of a hard plastic dome that is adjusted over the individual’s hair before the initiation of the hair streaming. Hot air is sent out through relatively small pores located on the inside of the dome which ensures that the hair is dried evenly. Hooded hair streamers are the ones that are generally found in the usual hair salons. The hair styles that make use of hair streamers often are more notable on the account that the hair possesses more volume and vibrancy, and can be further enhanced by making use of styling products. click for more information.

A hair hooded hair streamer works on the same principle as a hand-held hair hair streamer. The main difference can be seen in the structure of the two variants. The hand held hair streamers are designed to easily be used by the single individual looking forward to hair streaming. There is no dome or hood to position on an appropriate table top. A temperature gauge is usually present in hair streamers and this helps in regulating the heat to temperatures that are best suitable to the hair. The thermostat also helps maintain a temperature that would aid in preventing the motor from burning out and the device from overheating.

So in the most basic definition, a hair streamer utilizes the heat and water to generate steam that can revitalize, enhance, moisturize, hydrate and condition the individual’s hair.