Is Ionized Filtered Water Better than Normal Filtered Water?

Different varieties of water purification systems are quite effective in removing contaminants and particles from drinking water. Private and public water supply systems might require additional treatment for ensuring improved water quality. Better water purification devices need to be used for eliminating organisms, particles and chemicals along with foul tastes and smells. Here, it is important to note that ionization is one of the most effective procedures for improving water conditions. Ionized filtered water is definitely better than normal filtered water provided you keep changing the filter on your ionizer for getting the best results.

What is Ionized Water?

Ionized water is soft water that is free of inorganic compounds. The procedure of ionization is used for changing hard water into soft water which is further called ionized water. The procedure involves exchanging two sodium ions for every magnesium or calcium ion by making use of resin beads in the water purification system. Post ion exchange, the resin used in the procedure is regenerated. It is to be noted that the process of ionization does not help in removing bacteria or particles. There is another effective procedure within the same process of water ionization which is called electrode ionization. This process of water purification makes use of continuous ion exchange for processing water using electrical current. There is no chemical regeneration or no resins needed in this procedure. The initial investment in ionization is also very low.

How is Ionized Filtered Water Better than Normal Filtered Water?

Ionized filtered water is always better in comparison to normal filtered water because ionized filtered water does not contain iron, magnesium and calcium. Some of the major benefits of ionized filtered water over normal filtered water are as follows:

Restores the pH Balance of the Body

Ionized filtered water helps in restoring the pH balance of the body. What an individual drinks, eats and puts into his or her skin and the quality of air that he or she breathes are factors contributing towards the body being acidic. There are many people who feel lethargic and this is one of the most prominent signs of the body being too acidic. Ionized filtered water restores the pH balance of the body and thus helps in doing away with acidity.

Works in the Form of a Very Powerful Antioxidant

Ionized filtered water is one of the strongest sources of antioxidants. This is because it consists of free electrons in huge quantities and these electrons can easily be donated by the body for neutralizing free radicals. It has been scientifically proven that free radicals cause DNA and cellular damage contributing to ageing and resulting in the onset of a number of diseases.

Contributes to Improved Well-Being and Health

Ionized filtered water is helpful in fighting different types of diseases like digestive problems, arthritis, skin disorders, inflammatory conditions, weight problems, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, acid reflux, chronic pain, allergies and gout.


From the above illustration of the benefits of ionized filtered water, it can rightly be said that this type of purified water is obviously better than normal filtered water.